• 10+
    Ten years of hardcover stone engineering experience
  • 100,000
    The standard plant area is 100,000 square meters
  • 700,000
    Annual inventory of large board 700,000 square meters
  • 8000m²
    Monthly production capacity of 8000 square meters


Haoshijie Stone Technology Jiangsu Co., Ltd. settled in Hai 'an International Stone City, with a standard factory area of 100,000 square meters.
The formation of annual processing of high and middle grade imported marble about 500,000 square meters, high-end decorative stone 120,000 square meters. The company is a
Large comprehensive integrated stone whole industry chain platform, main stone mining, stone trading,
Stone wholesale, stone production and processing, curtain wall design and construction, landscape architecture, architectural decoration, other engineering design
Construction, etc.
Haoshijie Stone Science and Technology Co., Ltd. has rich mine waste resources, the introduction of international leading BM diamonds
Big broach saw, automatic polishing production line, drying line, rope saw, circular saw, water knife and automatic line machine into sets
Special-shaped processing equipment, the annual production of large plate nearly one million square meters, the annual inventory of large plate 700,000 square meters, waste 28,000 cubic meters. Complete set of automatic machinery equipment, high-quality stone professionals and first-class technology, ten years focused on hotels, villas, senior clubs and other hardcover stone engineering, rapid rise in the stone industry!